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Why You Should Pair Radio and Digital

Traditional marketing combined with digital marketing strategies meet to create a powerful synergy in the marketplace. So why radio and digital?

A Dynamic Duo

Brands today are using a number of mediums in their marketing mix to produce effective and results-driven marketing campaigns. We have seen a steady increase in online presence, but that is not to say we are always online. Traditional marketing combined with digital marketing strategies meet to create a powerful synergy in the marketplace. So why radio and digital?

Integrating both radio and digital into your marketing mix can prove to be quite complementary and beneficial to your business. Radio complements digital in a number of avenues including  Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), social media, banner ads, and online video. 

Reinforcing Your Message With Keywords

We know that Canadians prefer to spend time listening to the radio more than any other audio with a very consistent reach and a large audience. 79% of online searches are initially prompted by hearing an ad on the radio. Therefore, radio can often be the initial intrigue for consumers to take action online. The radio call to action is crucial, as it will determine exactly how consumers proceed with a brand search.

Consumers typically conduct research online before proceeding with the purchase process. By placing the same keywords in radio, SEO, and SEM efforts, consumers hear keywords and act accordingly online using the targeted keywords. SEO and SEM are already optimized to yield search results with your product or service. Upon searching, they’ll quickly and easily be navigated towards your website, increasing user sessions, overall website traffic, and ROI. 

Visualize a Story with Online Video & Banner Ads

Online video helps to tell a compelling story to consumers. Consumers can only imagine a commercial or product in their minds to a certain extent. Implementing online video and banner ads allows consumers to connect the dots between radio and digital and visualize the product or service you’re offering.

Branded videos garner major attention from consumers and take up a significant amount of screen space, increasing the odds of consumers clicking on them. Again, featuring a call to action is important as it aids in taking initiative and navigating consumers back to your website. 

Align Your Goals

When pairing radio and digital for results, it’s important to keep a couple of things in mind to ensure that your marketing efforts are best optimized to synergize with one another. The campaign needs to represent the same goals across all mediums. This means that the voice, persona, and objectives should be the same on both radio and digital.

Consistency is key here. Consumers are more likely to take action when they recognize messaging. It helps to associate one advertising medium with another and regulate the overall tone. In addition, launching the campaign across digital and radio at the same time can be pivotal in the success of the campaign.

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