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Congratulations to our 4th Annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes winners, Hank Crippen and James Lowe!

Hank Crippen was chosen by our judges, Tom Gillam and Rachel Swann, as the 2023 "Ruler of the Runway". Hank did his rendition of the Napoleon Dynamite dance scene to "Canned Heat" by Jamiroquai. 

James Lowe walked away with two awards, the "Top Fundraiser" and "Fastest Feet". James won the final heat in our footrace and also raised the most money. Go James!

Thank you to everyone involved in making our 4th Annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes happen! We couldn't have done it without you.

A special thank you to the brave men who put themselves in someone else's shoes, stepping up to raise money for the Crisis Center of Comal County and New Braunfels Angels.


KGNB/KNBT’s Walk a Mile in Her Shoes: Men raising money and racing against one another in a way they never expected!

In 2020, on heels of a year that pushed all of us to change in many ways, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes was met with exuberant applause from this community!


That first year and every year since, a dedicated group of guys put themselves in someone else’s shoes, stepping up to raise money for charities that are critical in our community. Walk a Mile contestants commit to walk, trot and tip toe in high heels in public. They’re good sports! They do the heavy lifting ahead of time, each raising money for our beneficiaries while also saving their own feet a bit. The more money they raise, the better their starting line advantage when it’s time to race. They’re motivated!  




James Lowe of Lowe Commercial Group has been a New Braunfels resident for 17 years! When he's not busy slinging real estate, you will find him spending time with his family and listneing to live music at Krause's...

Brazos is back! You might remember his epic cat walk to the song, "Hold My Beer!" from last year's event.  Brazos has been a New Braunfels resident for eight years and he loves to listen to live music...

Hank Crippen is a veteran participant of KNBT's Walk-A-Mile event & a board member of the Comal County Crisis Center.  He has lived in New Braunfels for over 19 years and in his free time he likes listening to live music at Krause's & writing poetry... 


Paulie was born and raised in New Braunfels, Texas! When he's not busy keeping the people of NB looking fresh at his salon, you might find him checking out some live music at Gruene Hall! He is the life of every party and big jokester...

Jose is the proud owner of Urban Mutt and has lived in New Braunfels for 15 years! When he's not grooming all the sweet pets of NB, you might find him skateboarding, bicyling, spending time with his family...

Cody Canada has been a proud resident of New Braunfels for over twenty years! He is a devoted singer-songwriter, musician, husband, and dad! When he's not on the road playing gigs with his band Cody Canada & The Departed...

Josh Grider is a singer-songwriter and proud New Braunfels resident for over ten years! His favorite spot for live music in New Braunfrels is The Red Bird Listening Room! When he's not writing & playing songs, he loves to golf and cook...

Chris has lived in New Braunfels for almost seven years and is a proud member of the Hope Hospice organization.  When he's not donating his time to philanthropic events in his community, you might find him hunting...


Originally from Waco, Texas, Chris Rue recently celebrated his 5th year anniversary of moving to New Braunfels! A special note direclty from Chris: There's nothing more important than family and I'm so proud to be raising money for

Travis Shaw.jpg

Travis Shaw is a mild mannered, slightly overweight guy with pretty hair - he's just trying to save the world one charity at a time! Travis has been a resident of New Braunfels for 25 years and his favorite hobbie is TACOS! 


Hunter Smith has lived in New Braunfels for 6 years.  His favorite hobbies are looking amazing and catching some live music out at Gruene Hall. He is kinda a big deal and has been secretely training for this event his whole life!


Cash Callahan is a new walker this year and a New Braunfels resident for the last 6 years!  He is a proud employee of Stephens Roofing and when he's not busy at work you will find him hunting, fishing, playing guitar and singing!


Sean Williams is a returning walker and is the President of the Crisis Center of Comal County Governing Board!




The mission of The Crisis Center of Comal County is to provide crisis and prevention services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault while providing a safe environment where an individual can make educated, unbiased decisions about their future.

The Crisis Center of Comal County was founded in 1986 as the Comal County Women’s Center. Numerous local citizens began a grassroots effort to develop an agency that would address the needs of those experiencing domestic violence. In the beginning the agency consisted of several volunteers who provided information and referral to other service providers in the area. 

Click here to read more about The Crisis Center of Comal County


The New Braunfels Angels mission is to walk alongside children, youth, and families in the foster care community by offering consistent support through intentional giving, relationship building, and mentorship.

Their vision is for every single child/youth who experiences foster care has the opportunity to reach their fullest potential, and every family who fosters is radically supported in their journey.

Click here to read more about The New Braunfels Angels.



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