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Meet The DJ: Darleen Dixon

Hey, I’m Darleen Dixon, nighttime and weekend Disc Jockey (AKA DJ) on KNBT; afternoons on KGNB. 


1.Where were you born and raised?

I was mostly raised at Canyon Lake after my family moved there in 1972, so New Braunfels was always “town” for us. My family and I also lived in Spain for three years when I was in middle school.

2.When did you move to New Braunfels?

I’ve been living in New Braunfels for four and a half years now since moving back to the area after being away since 2010. I love the “squircle”, the historic buildings in town, and the beautiful green spaces like Landa Park and Riverside Park.

3.When did you start at Radio New Braunfels?

I started with Radio New Braunfels in 2004, part-time, after speaking to Mattson on the phone and convincing him to hire me. I fell in love with 92.1 FM after hearing the station while on an anniversary trip at Canyon Lake. I realized I needed to work for the station after discovering that I was listening to KNBT more than the big rock radio station I was working for at the time.

Part-time quickly turned into full-time as I became the mid-day personality, then took on duties as the promotions director and assistant program director. My late husband Jim and I moved away from the area in 2010, as his job lead us to Corpus Christi. I returned to the station in August 2021!

4.What did you do before working at Radio New Braunfels?

Before coming to Radio NB the first go round in 2004, I worked at 99.5 KISS in San Antonio and at Metro Networks doing traffic and news for several different stations in SA. While I was away from 2010 to 2021, I was a reporter for the Aransas Pass Progress Newspaper; did some professional photography gigs as well as working for KHYI the range radio in Dallas.

5.Do you have any hobbies?

My hobbies are gardening and crafting— I'm a bit of a craft hoarder, and have a room full of all kinds of craft materials. Jim used to call it my "craft crap"!

6.Have you ever been in a band?

I've never been in a band. My late husband and my son Devin are the musicians in the family. I was a member of the award-winning Smithson Valley High School Choir directed by Mr. Bill Kretzmier all 4 years of high school!

7.What item on your bucket list have you accomplished?

I've never had what folks call a "bucket list", but one thing I've wanted to do since I was a kid is surf. I was able to take surf lessons while on a trip to Kauai in 2022, and got up on my first wave!

8. Favorite place you’ve traveled?

I would have to say my favorite place to have traveled to is Kauai. So amazingly beautiful, and the folks there were so nice. I've visited twice and will definitely return. A close second is Madrid, Spain.

9.Lastly, the best breakfast in the world is…

...served in bed! Potato, bacon and cheese breakfast tacos are my favorite.


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