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Meet The DJ: Mattson Rainer

Hi there, it's your friend Mattson Rainer from KGNB/KNBT Radio New Braunfels. I'll be your DJ, Music Director, PD, GM, board-op and tour guide today.

1. Where were you born and raised?

I was born in Houston, TX in 1969. I know I'm at least 4th gen. Texan. My kids are 5th gen. born right here in New Braunfels. We were not in Houston too long. My dad's job took us to Dallas, Long Island, England, CT, then I got out of high school and high-tailed it to Boulder, Co.

2. When did you move to New Braunfels?

In 1993, I wanted to spend the summer with my grandmother in San Antonio. I landed a part-time summer gig at KNBT and lived with my grandmother for a couple of months. My costs were low, I didn't need much at that age, so, instead of going back to Boulder, I asked to stay after the summer at the radio station. They said 'OK.' It helps in this biz if you're willing to run the board for the church service at midnight Christmas Eve on the radio. For that sh*t, I'm your man. You need overnight coverage, I got it.  That's how you get in. At least, in 1993.

Well, as it's said, the rest is history. I just never left. I permanently moved to NB in 1995 and have been right here ever since. New Braunfels is such an amazing town (city now). There is no city in the world with greater music lovers per capita than New Braunfels. There's music everywhere every night in our city. I think it's the music capital of Texas. If you're reading this and are a songwriter from somewhere else? C'mon down! We love original songwriters in New Braunfels. But, if you asked me my favorite one thing about NB, I'd have to say I've really been amazed as to how much our music scene has grown over the last 30 years. I've been told KNBT had played a nice role in that. On behalf of my hardworking staff, I'll gladly accept that honor. All I've ever found true joy in doing is playing music for others.

My friends know me as "the listen to this" guy. 'Hey man, listen to this.' I've always loved playing good music for people. To be able to do this on the radio in New Braunfels, TX is a dream come true. So, that's the one thing I love about NB. The thriving music scene with such strong fellowship among all the artists. It's a beautiful thing. Although, there are other reasons, like, tacos.

3. When did you start at Radio New Braunfels?

When I started at RadioNB (Texas 92 back then), my first grand accomplishment was nailing the 15 second weather. In summer.

2 straight months of 'Here's your Texas 92 weather forecast. Today, partly cloudy high of 101. Low of 75. Tomorrow high of 101. Low of 75. Thursday high 101. Low of 75. Friday looks a little different with a high 102 and a low of 76. This weekend high's around 100, lows in the mid 70's. Texas 92'  Every day. And, I loved it. I used to record my 15 second weather to cassette tape and listen to it the whole drive back to SA. It was so cool. My grandmother started calling me 'Mr. Hot and Partly Cloudy'. Great memories. Hadn't thought about that in a while. That was my first job. I was trained by the great Wayne Fanning. He was my boss. I still operate based on 'What Would Wayne Do?'

4. What did you do before working at Radio New Braunfels?

Before I came down here, I was living in Boulder, going to school, working in restaurants and, for many years, wrote lyrics for a great local band called In and Out.  Look 'em up. They rocked the legendary Boulder scene from 1987-1992. Epic years in Boulder. Mainly, for most of those years, I was just trying to figure out who I was. And, as it turns out, I was a music loving DJ in New Braunfels, TX. 

5. Do you have any hobbies?

Hobbies— Well, we have 2 little girls ages 9 and 7, and I have 2 radio stations to run.  My hobby is to do nothing when I can. And try to hit the gym. That part has been going pretty well lately, which has me happy. Nothin' like a good workout to clear the mind. 

6. What item on your bucket list have you accomplished?

A Bucket list accomplishment— It's very hard to say one. I've had some genuinely amazing experiences. Too many to mention here. They'll be in my book. Although meeting Johnny Cash was cool. Interviewing Waylon a couple of times. Spending Tuesday nights with Ray Wylie Hubbard.

A bucket list accomplishment for me would have to do with Willie Nelson. Actually it had to do with Willie about 7 times. On his bus, just hanging out. Everyone in a great state of mind. No worries in the world. You may now use your imagination. 

7. Lastly, the best breakfast in the world is…

Best Breakfast would be at the Camellia Grill in New Orleans. Chili, cheese and onion omelet with fries and toast. You're all fighting for second place with this one.

31 years at KNBT/KGNB. I can only thank you for letting me do this. I take it as seriously today as when I first started. And, still, all I want to do is turn you on to good music. 


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