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Meet The DJ: Paige Greene

 My name is Paige Greene!


1. Where were you born and raised?


I was born in Dallas and grew up in Fort Worth, Texas!


We lived right down the highway from the Texas Motor Speedway. In high school, my mom and I would drive up on Fridays to watch the Friday Night Drags!


2. When did you move to New Braunfels?


I used to vacation in New Braunfels every summer growing up. We’d typically drive down multiple times in one summer!


In 2019, I moved to San Marcos, TX to attend Texas State University (TXST). My sister had just graduated from TXST and moved to Austin. Shortly after, my parents moved to New Braunfels!


I’ve been in the area since. After I graduated, I knew I had to stay.


3. When did you start at Radio New Braunfels?


I started in March of 2022 as a part-time intern. I was attending TXST and working towards my B.S. in Electronic Media. I worked part-time until I was able to join the team full-time in January 2023 after graduation!


I am a jack-of-all-trades here. Social Media, Photography, Website, On-Air, Sales Assistant, you name it, I’ll do it or learn!


I’ve been here since and love it.


4. What did you do before working at Radio New Braunfels?


Throughout college, I worked as a hostess, free-lance photographer, a manager at KTSW 89.9 (TXST Student Radio Station), and interned at a news station in San Antonio.

 5. Do you have any hobbies?


I love photography, formula one, reading, music, and hanging out with my poodles (Zeppelin and Serrano). I also played Marimba for 8+ years but am a bit out-of-practice.


6. Have you ever been in a band?


If you count high school and college marching band…

I was also in a percussion ensemble based in Austin, TX called Rhythmic Force for two years! I now volunteer my time at Rhythmic Force as a part of the media staff.

7. What item on your bucket list have you accomplished?


I’ve never had a bucket list! I do have a list of concerts I’ve attended, and I think it is a pretty cool list. My all-time favorite is the Foo Fighters.

8. Lastly, the best breakfast in the world is…


Hands down, eggs benedict. Give me a side of hashbrowns and a half-and-half tea, and I’m a happy gal!


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